Marathi Boy Name starting with J

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Marathi Boy names with meaning where you choose your favourite Marathi Boy Names.
51 Marathi Boy Name Starting with J
Name Meaning
Jagatbehari boy World traveler ( Jagvihari ) Favourite Jagatbehari names
Jagatprabhu boy God of the world Favourite Jagatprabhu names
Jagdeep boy Light of the Universe Favourite Jagdeep names
Jagger boy Strong, Loyal Favourite Jagger names
Jagmohan boy One who attracts the world Favourite Jagmohan names
Jahnu boy A Rishi Favourite Jahnu names
Jaideep boy Victory to the light Favourite Jaideep names
Jaigath boy Victorious Favourite Jaigath names
Jaikrishna boy Victory of Lord Krishna Favourite Jaikrishna names
Jainarayan boy Victory Favourite Jainarayan names
Jairaj boy Lord of victory Favourite Jairaj names
Jaisal boy Famous folk Favourite Jaisal names
Jaisukh boy Happy victor Favourite Jaisukh names
Jaivant boy Victorious Favourite Jaivant names
Jaiwant boy Victory Favourite Jaiwant names
Jalbhushan boy Ornament of water ( means wind) Favourite Jalbhushan names
Jalendra boy Lord of the water Favourite Jalendra names
Jalindra boy Lord of the water Favourite Jalindra names
Janak boy Father of Sita; Creator Favourite Janak names
Janakiraman boy Husband of Janaki Favourite Janakiraman names
Janamejay, Janardan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Janamejay, Janardan names
Janith boy Born Favourite Janith names
Janya boy Born Favourite Janya names
Japan boy Muttering prayers Favourite Japan names
Jasamit boy Protected by fame Favourite Jasamit names
Jashun boy Celebration Favourite Jashun names
Jasmine boy Name Of A Flower Plant Favourite Jasmine names
Jaswant boy Victorious (Yashwant) Favourite Jaswant names
Jatan boy Nurturing Favourite Jatan names
Jatindra boy King of Saints Favourite Jatindra names
Javin boy Swift Favourite Javin names
Jayaditya boy Victorious sun Favourite Jayaditya names
Jayant boy Victorious Favourite Jayant names
Jayaprakash boy Light of victory Favourite Jayaprakash names
Jayawant boy Victorious Favourite Jayawant names
Jayesh boy Er brother; Son of Dasharatha Favourite Jayesh names
Jayin boy Conqueror Favourite Jayin names
Jeemutbahan boy Full of life Favourite Jeemutbahan names
Jeevaraj boy Lord Of Life Favourite Jeevaraj names
Jhulier boy Precious Favourite Jhulier names
Jinabhadra boy A Jain saint Favourite Jinabhadra names
Jishnu boy Triumphant Favourite Jishnu names
Jival boy Full of life Favourite Jival names
Jivin boy To give life Favourite Jivin names
Jogesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogesh names
Jograj boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jograj names
Jugnu boy A firefly Favourite Jugnu names
Jwalant boy Luminous Favourite Jwalant names
Jyotichandra boy Moonlight Favourite Jyotichandra names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous flame Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Jyotirmoy boy Lustrous Favourite Jyotirmoy names